The Safe Eats Trunk-or-Treat was a Smashing Success!

What a great time we had on Saturday!

Our three happy winners of Safe Eats prizes were: 

Leah S.

Jessica H. 

Samantha S.



Thank you to our volunteers, the PTA Board President and Members, the school Principal and staff and all of the parents who donated candy and came out to participate for our Trunk or Treat!


We had a blast as we danced to music from our car radio, made kids laugh and smile, handed out coloring books and safe candy – all while spreading awareness and compassion for food allergies.

We had a line that went all around the parking lot!  We are happy to report that all of the candy and coloring books were  dropped in Trick-or-Treater’s bags!



To top off our great event, we were pleased to receive this award for our trunk! What a delightful surprise end to our evening!

Trunk or Treat Award Gen


Our next event is the FARE walk in Nashville at Centennial Park on November 16th. We need contributions and as many Safe Eats’ Team members that are willing to participate! All proceeds for the walk will be given directly to FARE for their fantastic education and research programs. To learn more about this event, please click here.

We have many more events planned to support families struggling with food allergies, especially those on a budget.

Please CLICK HERE to learn more about our mission and what you can do to ensure we keep having fantastic and safe events for kids. 

Thank you for reading, supporting and participating.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!