Educational Resources

To request a media interview, schedule a seminar at your location, or receive in-home consultation to help you and your family adjust to one or more multiple allergies, please email me at . Please allow 48 hours for a response.

The following seminars include:

What Every Business Needs to Know About Food Allergies and Productivity: A two hour seminar that provides a basic education on the most common severe food allergies and how businesses can accommodate the growing number of clients and employees needing to participate in meetings with meals. Information will include:

– how the body reacts and why it is important for businesses to adjust

– managing the emergency reaction

– strategies in working with event planners, caterers and restaurants to ensure the safety of your employees and clients

– includes job aids for administrative staff

At the end of this seminar, your business will be able to help ensure safety and mealtime networking opportunities for your employees.

Food Allergy Boot Camp for Food Service Staff and Managers:  A one-hour introduction to the eight common food allergies and how bodies react to them. The goal of this seminar is to  help your kitchen staff, service staff and managers develop a sense of compassion and care for patrons of food allergies, and ultimately, a higher level of service and increased business.

I also take a tour of your kitchen and provide a custom plan to help you manager your daily meal prep procedures. This custom plan will include food substitution suggestions for each type of allergen, equipment management and food handling procedures to mitigate cross-contamination.  At the end of this seminar, your restaurant will be better-equipped to manage patrons of multiple food allergies and watch the good news spread about your restaurant!

Food Allergy Boot Camp for Daycare Centers, Schools and Camps:  Similar to the Boot Camp for Food Service Staff, this seminar addresses the special need of dealing with the greatest population of the food allergenic: children. As of 2013, according the CDC, 1 in every 13 children have one or more food allergies, from mild to life threatening. That is about 2 children per each classroom in the nation that are in danger of suffering at the hands of their care providers.

These children are the face of an onset food pandemic and it is important for teachers, center directors and food service staff to be well-prepared to handle this unique need. It’s not as hard as it may seem and may even save a life. In this seminar, I provide an education to your staff to help them develop a sense of compassion towards parents and children with food allergies so that your business can provide a higher, more impressive level of care and service. I also provide you with a plan for managing meals, controlling costs of special ingredients and food substitutions, and create a custom plan for your equipment and food handling procedures. At the end of this seminar, you will be able to impress parents with  your dedication and care for their children.

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